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Character Letter of Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern,

It is a great pleasure of mine to write to you this recommendation letter for my friend Josh Anderson.

Josh and my nephew went together on the same fashion school in Parson’s School of Design in California and were very close friends. I have known Josh for twelve years. Through these years, I have been greatly impressed by his exceptional talent in fashion design. I have also been a witness to his passion in the craft and in his drive for perfection.

Josh has an efficient way when it comes to handling people. He possesses excellent communication skills and a genuine concern for others. He is an active member in the society, leading, joining and volunteering in non-profit organizations in the community. Through the years that I have known him, there have been several instances where he has proven his trustworthiness, dedication and reliability, both inside and outside the workplace. He unselfishly shares a part of his life in helping the less-fortunate members of the society. I believe all these qualities, combined with his skill in fashion design, will make him a great asset to your company.


Maegan Nicols

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