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Business School Recommendation Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter to offer the formal recommendation for Jenna Gonzales to your business school. As the Head Coordinator for Sunrise Commerce, I have known Ms. Gonzales for three years and I believe that she would be a deserving candidate for the business school program.

Ms. Gonzales started in our company as an entry-level outbound customer service representative. With her remarkable work initiative and dedication, she was able to move up the corporate ladder in a short amount of time. Within six months, she was able to achieve the Team Leader position. The board has seen her success in the given position and eventually promoted her to the executive management department.

Ms. Gonzales has been a role model in the company with her dedication and enthusiasm to succeed, which was very motivating and inspiring to her co-workers. With her position as part of the executive management team, she was able to develop a strong work relationship with employees under her supervision. This can be clearly seen in the increased production of her team.

I personally believe that Ms. Jenna Gonzales has the characteristics of a good business manager and business student. I highly recommend her for your program and I hope that you would consider her application.


Marshall Dalton

Head Coordinator

Sunrise Commerce

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