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Adoption Recommendation Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a social worker working with the Carmelite nuns in taking care of lost, sick and homeless children. I have known that you were planning to adopt a child since you knew that you will be childless for the rest of your married life. Your wife was known to me to be a kind hearted, gentle woman who speaks ill of no one.

I have a child here, a special child, who has been a constant source of cheer and inspiration to me since I took care of him. He was found in a war-ravaged area, abandoned by his family. We do not know whether they are still living but no one has come forward to claim him.

I am therefore recommending this child for adoption since I know that he will be the perfect answer to your prayers for a perfect child. He is rather shy but I am sure that he will grow up to your liking.

I hope that adopting him will be the start of a new and lasting happiness for your family. May your adoption be fruitful and fulfilling.


Martha Gaye Creed

Social Worker

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